Tips to get the most out of your Windows Phone

Tips to get the most out of your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone is Microsoft’s mobile version of Windows, featuring a slick user interface and many winning applications to boot. It’s ideal for those who prefer a functional smartphone at an affordable price. Since its first appearance in 2010, Microsoft has fixed several usability issues to make the Windows Phone an easier to use device than ever.

Built-in Windows Phone features for business

Built-in Windows Phone features for business

Integrating technology to reduce costs and increase productivity has always been a profitable approach for business owners. With the emergence of new technologies in recent years, businesses can take their pick from the best tools available. Among the best of these is the Windows Phone, the smartphone is packed with built-in functions suitable for various business activities.

Changing the name of a Windows Phone

If your business has integrated Windows Phones into operations, or is considering doing so, there are a number of steps you are going to need to take in order to be able to manage this properly. One of the first should be to rename devices so that they are easier to track.

Installing WP apps on an SD card

Windows Phone devices, while not as popular as other systems, have become a viable mobile system for many small to medium businesses. There are a wide variety of useful features available on the system these phones use, including the ability to move or install apps onto a MicroSD card.

Spotting fake Windows Phone apps

For Windows Phone users, the Windows Phone Store is where you go to get the apps for your device. While there is an ever growing number of apps available, there have been reports of fake and malicious apps making their way onto the store. As such, it is a good idea to know how to spot them and what you should do if you discover one.

Managing your Windows Phone with Files

If you are like many other business owners or managers there is a good chance you have a clean and organized file and folder system on your computer. This is great, but what about your mobile device? It can be hard to keep your files and folders organized on mobile devices, especially on a Windows Phone.

Looking at Surface Pro 3

For the majority of its history, Microsoft has been largely software oriented. Over the past few years however, the company has been branching out and producing hardware as well. One of the shining examples of this is the Surface tablet. While the previous versions of Surface have been met with mixed reviews, Microsoft is ready to try again and has recently announced the launch of Surface Pro 3.
About the Surface Pro 3 tablet
Officially announced on May 20, this newest version of Surface brings about a number of changes to the platform.