Case Studies

Business Case Study What Crepe?


Business Need: What Crepe? recognized that they needed to connect all three of their locations to improve business processes. To run a successful restaurant, immediate data is everything. Customers expect to use technology but they also assume they’re protected. What Crepe? understands that cyber crime is at an all time high and wants to keep security as a top priority while having functionality. They needed a solution that would address network security, with an emphasis on alerting and reporting, remote access, wide area network, secure customer WiFi, secure private WiFi, and redundancy to keep the business operational even when their ISP (wireless backup) goes down.

Solution: Center for Computer Resources analyzed the business needs of the organization while keeping operations and security in mind. We deployed our ActivePCIShield™ Solution that met all the requirements of What Crepe? while meeting the compliancy requirement of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Results: Owners’ concerns were minimized, their expectations were exceeded, and their business complexity was reduced. This resulted in higher productivity so they could concentrate on sales growth, which thereby brought a return on investment.