Cloud VoIP – Benefits

Benefits of CCR Cloud VoIP

  • An Easy to Manage Solution
  • All Sites and Offices can be united in one system on a single dial plan
  • The latest UC features, right-sized for Small and Medium Business (see Features)
  • Extremely scalable and flexible
  • Mobile-centric solution enables your employees to work from anywhere on any device
  • Outstanding Digital voice quality
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your monthly phone bill for trunks and local/long distance
  • Be ready when analog phone/POTS service is soon discontinued
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs - no PBX in the closet to upgrade, repair or replace
  • Greatly reduce Total Cost of Ownership compared to traditional phone systems/service
  • Improved Professional appearance and Customer Service levels
  • Improve employee and business efficiency with UC features and with voice API integration to other business systems such as Outlook, Salesforce, Click-to-Dial and Screen Pop
  • Secure and Reliable - Increased Business Continuity versus traditional voice

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