3 Security advantages of the cloud

July 19th, 2024

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) no longer need to view cybersecurity as an insurmountable challenge. Cloud technology has transformed the security landscape, providing SMBs with access to enterprise-level solutions without having to maintain extensive in-house IT infrastructure or staff.

Why Co-Managed IT Is the Best Decision for Your Business

July 18th, 2024

IT is an integral part of any business today. It doesn’t matter if you are in an industry that seems to have nothing to do with IT, like retail, healthcare, or catering. In our technology-driven world, every business needs an efficient IT infrastructure to thrive with the help of co-managed IT.

Perhaps you have an in-house IT team, but do they have all the skills necessary to ensure your network stays in top condition? Will they be able to guarantee your data’s security amidst the rampant online threats? Can they handle specialized technology requirements? Your staff might be good but it’s unlikely they are adept in every single area of IT. This is why co-managed IT is a highly recommended choice.

Tips for protecting your business’s corporate data

July 15th, 2024

Recent cyberattacks on multinational corporations highlight the ever-present risk of data breaches. For businesses of all sizes, a data breach can be devastating, potentially leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and even customer churn.

Key considerations in selecting the ideal small-business VoIP system

July 10th, 2024

Effective communication is vital for any business’s success, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are transforming how companies handle their communication needs. Choosing the right VoIP system for your small business can result in substantial cost savings, greater flexibility, and enhanced scalability.

What Are Co-Managed IT Solutions and Why Do You Need Them?

July 9th, 2024

Are you overwhelmed by IT issues that take time away from your core business? Do you worry about the efficiency of your internal IT team? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then maybe it’s time you considered co-managed IT solutions. Hundreds of businesses around the world have already made the shift, and many of them are now thriving because of it.

Protect your Car Dealership: Essential Guide to Cybersecurity

July 8th, 2024

Did the recent CDK Global cyberattack that caused major losses to car dealerships nationwide affect you? This incident involving the widely used dealer management system put a halt from the desk to the upline of around 15,000 companies. How do you make a comeback from this mishap and improve your car dealership cybersecurity?


The CDK Global uproar disrupted the automotive industry, a sector that sells more than 50 million vehicles yearly.

Top tips for a safe and secure Microsoft Teams experience

July 8th, 2024

Microsoft Teams is a popular business collaboration platform that has also drawn the unwanted attention of cybercriminals. If these malicious actors are successful, they can gain access to sensitive company information and cause major disruptions in business operations.

Essential steps for hurricane disaster recovery

July 3rd, 2024

Imagine this: a hurricane is on the horizon, and you’re scrambling to protect your business. Don’t get caught off guard! Here’s a straightforward guide to creating a hurricane disaster recovery plan that will safeguard your company, your employees, and your valuable data.

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