Cloud VoIP – How it works

CCR's Cloud VoIP telephone service is, as the name would suggest, is delivered from the Cloud.  What does this really mean?  Well, unlike a traditional phone system located in a closet or basement in your office, the Cloud or Hosted PBX is rather located in a Tier 1 data center. This data center has multiple and redundant connections for electrical power, the Public Switched Telephone Network, aka the PSTN, and for the Internet.  A team of full time engineering and technical resources manage this Cloud infrastructure on a 7/24/365 basis to ensure the the Cloud PBX is secure, up-to-date, and operating at peak performance.

Connectivity to the CCR Cloud PBX to you, the CCR VoIP User, is via the Internet, to standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones, also generically called VoIP phones.  These business-class phones send and receive voice packets to your Local Area Network (LAN) switch gear, through a Firewall or Gateway device and then to the internet.

Managed VoIP - How Does CCR Cloud VoIP Differ from the Competition

Numerous Hosted or Cloud Phone solutions exist in the marketplace today.  Most, however, are unmanaged or what we would call "best effort" solutions.  These vendors utilize distant, fancy marketing but typically are not local and do not assist the client in implementation of important networking and quality of service matters that are critical to VoIP success.  As a result, many of these solutions suffer with poor voice quality and overall unreliable service.

CCR is NOT a hit-n-run service provider but rather believes in local relationships and long term partnering.  As such, CCR believes strongly in our Managed VoIP service where great care and attention is given to implement Quality of Service, Bandwidth Management and Traffic Shaping, and Failover/Redundancy mechanisms to deliver reliable and cyrstal-clear phone service.  Managed VoIP is how we differ and why our customers love CCR VoIP!

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