The professionals at Center for Computer Resources are knowledgeable and experienced in the IT industry. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and highest quality products to resolve our technology problems. With CCR by our side, we have the confidence to continue growing our business.

Our entire experience with the CCR team has been awesome. They are constantly keeping us up to date with technology and software updates, while still staying focused on what is best for our company financially. We are fortunate to have partners like them.

We are impressed with the CCR teams can-do attitude and willingness to go that extra mile. They have successfully supported us in planning and carrying out business-critical IT projects, both on-time and within budget.

Saves time – It has always been a challenge to manage our technology on top of our daily responsibilities. But now with the help of CCR, we have more time to take care of business matters. When we need to expand our network, CCR is there to offer us proven solutions and save us the costly process and time of doing it ourselves. Their personalized service plan has helped increase productivity, saving us both time and money.

Center for Computer Resources offers a comprehensive IT solution with experienced professionals handling all of our IT needs. CCR’S IT expertise allows me to focus on my own expertise

I have had the pleasure of working with CCR for over 20 years at 3 different companies. They have always been there whenever we needed them for whatever network and technical issue we have had to overcome. I highly recommend them for any network or computer resource need you may have now or in the future!

The best thing about CCR and the great people they have, is they are always there working hard behind the scenes so you can simply wakeup and begin working each day without worrying about your network infrastructure - it really does give you peace of mind that someone is always there to make sure you are safe, secure and have the computer resources available to be as productive as possible - THANK YOU CCR FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND DO EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!!

“Very Personable service! Even though we are a small company, we are treated great and there is always someone there to help when we need it!”

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